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Meet the Team

Meet our fantastic squad that brings all the amazing content to you!

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A bit about myself

As a multifaceted physician with over a decade of experience in Internal Medicine and Palliative Care, I've seen it all - the triumphs, tantrums, and tearful moments that define our human existence. Throughout this journey, I've had the unparalleled privilege of accompanying people as they traverse the undulating terrain of life's twilight.

Other than the doctor hat, I also wear those of a doting mother, loving wife, amateur cat-whisperer, globetrotting adventurer, foodie, and tea enthusiast! I'm also training as Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition so our journey together will soon include additional content to enrich your journey!

So rest assured, we're going to dive deep into the complexities and hilarities of life's later stages with all the wit, warmth, and wisdom we can muster. So grab your cup of tea (or whatever it is you love) and let's embark on this voyage of discovery together!

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